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The first True Remote Escape; An innovative Virtual Team Building Experience in which your team must communicate and synchronize like never before.

Team Building Virtual
Escape Room Virtual Companies

Fast Pace is an innovative virtual Team Building experience based on Escape Room, where you must complete a remote mission with your team. An experience with all the meticulously cared details, completely original and with a high technological component. An exciting experience unique in the market.

The perfect Team Building tool to get you to relate to your remote work team outside of the workplace and establish emotional ties. What will make you grow personally and develop your potential as a team, increasing your happiness and productivity in the very short term.

It is also ideal as an interactive complement to get your attendees to interact with each other within Online Conventions, Online Conferences or Large Virtual Events. We can carry out the activity after your conference or if you prefer, one of our facilitators can take care of it.

200 Jugadores


60 or 90 Minutes of Play

Minutes of play



Spanish or English

Spanish / English

4-step operation

Escape Room Online Companies

1. Preparation

During the days before your virtual event, we will prepare everything you need for the session. We will send an email to each participant with the instructions to access the video conference. Without downloading or installing anything!

Escape Room Virtual Companies

2. Contextualization

On the day of the event, when everyone has accessed the video conference, our actors will start the Show. First they will explain the rules, the objective of the game and the 3 keys to effective communication in remote environments. Then they will divide you into teams of 3 or 4 players and send you to your virtual group room where you can communicate privately with your team. Finally, she will send you a link so that you can connect to the mission.

Massive Virtual Escape Room

3. Activity

To solve all the mysteries of the mission, you must communicate and coordinate with your team like never before. If at any point you get stuck, our actors will come to your private group room and help you move forward.

Escape Room Virtual Final

4. End

When all the teams have passed the mission, you will connect to the main room with the rest of the teams so that our actors can communicate the final ranking and make the closing of the activity.

A Remote Adventure

Your virtual event will be a success. You're in good hands.

Customize your Experience

We can customize the virtual experience so that your event is unique. Ask us!

These are some of the things we can adapt:

  • Customize graphic elements with your corporate image.
  • Substitute the names of the characters for those of your team.
  • Incorporate the call to action you want on the final screen.
  • Hold a virtual awards ceremony.
  • Include a workshop or training on the subject you prefer.

Do you need a totally personalized experience? Take a look at our% s. We can customize the story, the content and all the puzzles!

The ultimate Team online experience.

Gamification of Formations

Our trainers can help you increase your team's cohesion, solve potentially conflictive situations or increase the group's personal growth.

  • Before the activity they will join the videoconference and will tell you about the importance of communication and teamwork.
  • During the game's session, they will be coming and going the individual rooms for each group, and evaluate your behaviour, both individually and collectively.
  • At the end of the session he will do a final debrief for all attendees.
  • In a period of no more than a week, you will be contacted to schedule a personalized online session, with the leader or team manager, detailing different useful actions to get the team more performing.

Fast Pace has been specially designed to work communication and improve the Soft Skills of work teams.

Troubleshooting under pressure

Team decision making

Initiative and leadership skills

Critical and creative thinking

Division of labour


Communication and listening skills

Strategy and flexibility

Escape Room Coach

Jordi Munyoz, Founder and Director at WeMind Systemic Consulting and Cripthos Partner, Consultor, trainer and systemic coach specialized in facilitate the empowerment of work teams and management of potentially conflictive situations. I accompany companies that develop significant bonds that ease decision making, order and task prioritisation and, above all, keep focus on it's purpose.

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