Superheroes | Portable Escape Room for Teamwork

Superheroes is an EscapeBox® ; an innovative experience that incorporates the essence of the Escape Room fashion game inside a Box.

Children's Portable Escape Room
Kids Portable Escape Room

This Portable Escape Room collaborative for boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old, is ideal to stimulate teamwork, cooperation and group communication in educational centers. However, it is so amazingly fun that it also triumphs at all kinds of children's parties: birthdays, communions, etc. If you are organizing a children's event and you want an amazing activity where everyone can participate and have fun, this is your Escape Room.

250 simultaneous players

Simultaneous players

70 Minutes of Play

Minutes of play

Minimum age 9 years

Recommended minimum age

4-step operation

Escape Room Educational Centers

1. Preparation

Our staff will arrive well in advance to prepare the space. Depending on the number of participants, it will take between 30 and 60 minutes to prepare everything.

Escape Room Portable Education

2. Contextualization

When the participants arrive, our actors will start the Show. First they will divide them into teams and place them on their table, then they will explain the rules and the objective of the game.

Portable Escape Room boys and girls

3. Activity

All participants must communicate and collaborate with each other to stop the villain. If at any point they run aground, our actors will come to their aid and always try to get all teams to complete the mission.

Escape Room Schools

4. End

We bring the teams together for the final surprise and to share the emotions experienced. Optionally, we can make an award ceremony to the winning team, the most mischievous, the slowest ...
Finally, we will collect all the materials so that you can enjoy the space in no more than 30 minutes.

A Super Team Adventure

Your event will be a success. You're in good hands.


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