Superheroes | Portable Escape Room to Work as a Team

Superheroes is an EscapeBox® ; an innovative gamification activity that incorporates the essence of the Escape Room fashion game inside a Box.

This Collaborative Portable Escape Room for boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old, has been specially designed to develop teamwork skills and improve group cohesion. A fun proposal that motivates the students and improves the coexistence of the group.

Minimum age 9 years old

Minimum age

70 Minutes of Play

of play

Teams of 3 to 8 players

Teams of
3 to 8 players

200 simultaneous players

Up to
200 players

Portable: play in your center

play in your center

Qualified facilitators

Qualified facilitators

45 minutes of assembly

45 minutes
of assembly

Spanish / Catalan / English

Spanish /
Catalan / English

We Learn

Superheroes is an effective Gamification of learning proposal.

Portable Escape Room for kids

The key points we work on are:

  • Communication and listening.
  • Cooperation and companionship.
  • Critical and creative thinking.
  • Problem solving and team decision making under pressure.

In addition of acquiring and sensitizing knowledge in a natural way, boys and girls will develop educational competences in the following way:

  • Linguistic and audiovisual: we create a space for the group to converse, listen and express themselves.
  • Learning to learn: from the game we learn new strategies to solve difficult situations.
  • Autonomy and initiative: with reduced groups we make them take creative decisions and take risks inside a high level of emotional control.
  • Interaction with the world: respect for the materials and collective health.
  • Social and civic: we face coexistence and conflicts that are generated by working against the clock.

A Super Team's Adventure

The best way to learn is playing.

How it works in 4 steps

Escape Room Educational Centres

1. Set up

We will arrive well in advance to prepare the space. We will only need a space large enough to be able to distribute a table for each team of between 3 and 8 players.

Portable Escape Room Education

2. Context

When everything is ready, the facilitators will begin the activity. First they will divide you into small teams and place you at your table, then they will explain the rules and your objective.

Portable Escape Room boys and girls

3. Activity

You must communicate and work as a team to stop the villain before time runs out. If at any point you get stuck, our actors will come to your aid.

Escape Room Schools

4. Ending

We will gather all the teams for the final test where you must join all your forces to save humanity.


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