Stop Bullying | Portable Escape Room Against Child Harassment

A Fun and Rigorous proposal to fight bullying in your educational center.

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Stop Bullying is a portable Escape Room for schools and institutes against bullying , where students will learn how to identify bullying situations, the actors involved, as well as the guidelines for action they must follow in these situations. They will learn all the contents in an original and fun way.

We adapt the content, as well as the difficulty of the tests to the age of the students. And to the older ones we also introduce the concept of CyberBullying.

30 children per hour

Children every hour

20 Minutes of Play

Minutes of play

Minimum age 8 years

Recommended minimum age

4-step operation

Escape Room Educational Centers

1. Preparation

Our staff will arrive 45 minutes in advance to assemble the panel structure and prepare all the materials for the Escape Room. To be able to mount the panel structure we will need a sufficiently large space, such as the gym or an empty classroom.

Escape Room Portable Education

2. Contextualization

Before entering the Escape Room, we will make a brief explanation to the whole class group together to understand the context, the situation of harassment that the protagonist of the story is suffering and the objectives of the activity.

Portable Escape Room boys and girls

3. Activity

We will divide the class group into 3 subgroups of 8 children maximum each, who will enter the Escape Room every 20 minutes. When they have entered, our facilitators will guide them throughout the game until they reach the objective.

Escape Room Schools

4. Reflection and consolidation

After completing the activity, we will provide you with a teaching guide with teaching units to continue working on the Escape Room tests slowly with the students.

A Story of Respect

Stop Bullying introduces children to the story of Miko, a boy who is bullied. They will have little time to help him find his cap with the hidden clues in the library, the dressing room, the patio and the music class. Exploration, logic, and deduction come into play to end bullying.

Your days will be a success. You're in good hands.

We learn

Stop Bullying Escape Room is a rigorous Gamification of learning proposal.


Stop Bullying Escape Room is a fun, original and rigorous activity, which has the PDA Bullying Certificate of good practices in prevention against harassment among equals

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The key points that we will work on are:

  • Identification of bullying situations.
  • Identification of the different actors.
  • Guidelines for action against bullying.
  • Introduction to Cyberbullying.

In addition to being sensitized and acquiring knowledge in a natural way, boys and girls will develop educational competencies in the following way:

  • Linguistics and audiovisual: we create a space for the group to converse, express itself and listen to itself.
  • Learn to learn: from the game we learn a real situation of our close environment.
  • Autonomy and initiative: with small groups we make students make creative decisions and take risks within a high degree of emotional control.
  • Interaction with the world: respect for the material and collective health.
  • Social and civic: we face coexistence and conflicts using an ethical judgment.

The best way to learn is by playing .

Aligned with the 2030 SDGs

At Cripthos we innovate to achieve sustainable development in a diverse world.

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