Project C | Face-to-face experience for companies

Project C is an EscapeBox® ; an innovative experience that incorporates the essence of the Escape Room fashion game inside a Box.

Portable Escape Room Companies

This Portable Escape Room has been specially designed for company events where you want to promote Teamwork or Group Cohesion . The fact that up to 200 people can play at the same time makes it an ideal activity for Conventions, Conferences and Large Events.

It is called Project C because in each phase of the activity a basic competence is worked on that every work team should possess: C-ommunication, C-ompanionship, C-ollaboration, C-reativity, and C-ooperation.

200 simultaneous players

200 simultaneous players

Teams of 3 to 8 players

Teams of
3 to 8 players

Minutes of play

Minutes of play



Portable: play wherever you want

play wherever you want

Live actors


Live technical support

technical support

Spanish / English

Spanish / English

How it works in 4 steps

Escape Room Companies

1. Set up

We will arrive well in advance to prepare the space. We will only need a space large enough to be able to distribute a table for each team of between 3 and 8 players.

Escape Room Companies

2. Context

When everything is ready our actors will start the Show. First they will divide you into teams and place you at your table, then they will give you a briefing where they will explain the rules and your objective.

Escape Room Companies

3. Activity

You will have to communicate and work as a team to overcome the 5 phases of the game before time runs out. If at any point you get stuck, our actors will come to your aid.

Escape Room Companies

4. Ending

We bring the teams together for the final surprise and to share the emotions experienced. Finally, we will collect all the materials so that you can enjoy the space in no more than 30 minutes.

An Otherworldly Adventure

An Exciting experience that will strengthen your Team.

Customize your Experiene

Customize the experience to make your event to be unique. Ask us!

Integrate your corporate image into the game

Integrate your corporate
image into the game

Replace the characters in the game with those of your team

Replace the
characters of the game with those of your team

Integrate a Quizz with questions about the values ​​of your company

Integrate a Quizz with questions
about the values ​​of your company

Incorporate any call to action you want on the final stage.

Incorporate any call to action
you want on the final stage.

Includes an awards ceremony

Includes an
awards ceremony

Transform your Team Building into a bonus course by Fundae

Transform your Team Building into
a bonus course by Fundae

Do you need a totally customized experience? Take a look at our Custom EscapeBox®. We can customize the story, contents and all the riddles!

Escape Box Nóminado

Your event will be a success. You're in good hands.

Gamification of Trainings

Our trainers can help you increase your team's cohesion, solve potentially conflictive situations or increase the group's personal growth.

  • Before the activity they will give you a really enjoyable conference about the importance of teamwork.
  • They will accompany you during the whole game session and will evaluate your behaviour, both individual and collectively.
  • At the end of the session they will do a final interactive debrief.
  • On the following day they will send you a detailed report with your team's health and the actions you can take to increase it, or if you prefer they can perform a single session with the manager or team leader.

Project C has been design specially to strengthen ties and to increase the Soft Skills of work teams.

Solving under pressure problems

Making team decisions

Initiative and leadership skills

Critical and creative thinking

Division of labour


Communication and listening skills

Strategy and flexibility

Project C achieves that both player and team attitudes are amplified. That makes it a really powerful tool to evaluate the group's health and to increase team cohesion (Team Building), because participants will live together emotions that they'll have to manage, while they cooperate to achieve a common objective.

Escape Room Coach

Jordi Munyoz, Founder and Director at WeMind Systemic Consulting and Cripthos Partner, Consultor, trainer and systemic coach specialized in facilitate the empowerment of work teams and management of potentially conflictive situations. I accompany companies that develop significant bonds that ease decision making, order and task prioritisation and, above all, keep focus on it's purpose.

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