Custom Escape Box ® | Your brand's Portable Escape Room

We design the EscapeBox® for your brand and we take care of all the manufacturing process so you don't have to worry about anything.

Custom Escape Room
Customizable Escape Room

If you are organizing an especial event, and you want every detail to be under control, or you would like to have your own EscapeBox® to offer to your public, tell us your idea and we can help you make it a reality.

We take upon integral maintenance of your custom Escape Room and to perform game sessions in any place of the Iberian peninsula whenever you need it.

250 simultaneous players

Simultaneous players

Escape Room 100% Customizable

100% Customizable


A custom Escape Room it's an excellent tool for spreading culture and your brand's values in an original and surprising way, either internally or externally. We can also integrate the contents you need to do a specific training. We indicate some of the occasions where you can bring out your EscapeBox®.

Team Building or Team Cohesion

Team Building or
Team cohesion

Bonuses or Team Bonding

Bonuses or
Team Bonding

Trainings for your work teams

Trainings for
your work teams

Personnel selection processes

Personnel selection

Wellbeing diagnosis for work teams

Wellbeing diagnosis
for work teams

Playful events and company dinner

Playful events and
company dinner

Product presentation and promotion

Product presentation and

Your project will be a success. You are in good hands.

How does it work in 6 steps



We listen to your idea and we define the requirements that the game must meet, as well as the skills and knowledge that it will work on. We also pinpoint the theme that we will use in order to increase the experience immersion.



We give form to your project and we design a game totally adapted to your brand and it's values, taking account of the results you pursue at all times and which we defined on the previous step.



We manufacture a first prototype so you can validate it before we start with the final product manufacturing. That way you'll be able to see exactly how it will be and make small adjustments if needed.



We take care of manufacturing and ensemble all components your game needs, software programming and producing media contents.



Our team of professional actors will go to any place of the Iberian peninsula and they will take care of directing and boost the activity every time you need, ensuring an optimal experience.



We store your game in our facilities and we take care of the maintenance it needs in order to ensure that it's always in perfect condition and ready to be played.