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The Lock Room

The Lock Room





Bicho Bola



Bicho Bola

Bicho Bola


Do you want to distribute our games?

Our mission is to bring all our portable Escape Room experiences to as many players as possible. We have an official distribution network in continuous expansion that operates nationwide.

Portable Escape Room Franchise

Escape Room Distribution

If you are interested in distributing our portable Escape Room games, contact with us and we will inform you of the simple steps to follow to become part of our official distribution network. If you are looking to rent a Hall Escape please note that all our games can be done in this mode.

Rent Hall Escape

Customized Collaboration

Are you the owner of an Escape Room and want to give an outlet to that empty room that "you still have to design"? Are you an event agency and need a new product for your clients? Are you in the training sector and looking for innovative learning techniques through gamification? We know that each collaborator is different and that is why we offer a customized collaboration model, adapted to the characteristics of your business.


Day after day, players are more demanding when it comes to choosing which Escape Room to play and have more options in their city. As only really good games are destined to survive, we only offer our distributors the games that we have proven to have an excellent acceptance among the public.


Our success is intertwined with yours. Before we introduce a new game, we check that it is highly profitable through our own distribution company. If it is not profitable, we modify it until it is. If not, we discard it and focus on another project.

Official Distribution

By becoming part of our distribution network, not only will you become the only official authorized distributor in your area, but we will also activate all the advertising and management machinery in your area, ensuring you a constant flow of reservations from the head office.

Expansion Sales Representative in Latin America